General Information (Kingsville Minor Baseball )

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Tee Ball - For players aged 4-6 (by December 31st).

Practices take place before teams engage in a 2-inning game.

Softer baseball's are used for the protection of the players.

*Players are responsible for purchasing helmets, gloves and protective cup. 

U7 Tyke - For players aged 7 years old.
A hybrid between T-ball and Rookie-ball, players will hit off a pitching machine set at 30MPH.

For the first 2 weeks of the season a Tee will be used when a strikeout occurs. For the remainder of the season, strikeouts will be enforced.

*6 year-old players will be considered, but they must be mentally and physically mature enough for this level. If your little one is still drawing in the sand or will struggle hitting off the pitching machine we encourage you to stay an extra season in T-ball.

For those 6 year olds that are able to compete at this level, a guardian of the child will need to be a full-time volunteer on his or her team; either as a head coach or assistant coach.  No exceptions.

Practices will take place on Monday evening, with games being played on Saturday mornings.

U9 Rookie Ball - For players aged 8 & 9.

A pitching machine is used, set at 40MPH, and full rules are in place.

There may be an opportunity to play on a Select team, with the year-end tournament culminating in Kingsville in mid to late August. 

*7 year olds may be considered to play in Rookie-ball, but the same rules apply as in Tyke.

The player must be mentally and physically capable of handling this level and a parent/guardian will be expected to volunteer as a full-time head coach or assistant coach.

U11 Mosquito Baseball -  For players aged 10 & 11.

Players will begin to pitch to one another, and Interlock play is introduced with games being played in Leamington, Harrow, Essex and Amherstburg.

U13 Peewee Baseball - For players aged 12 & 13.

U15 Bantam Baseball - For players aged 14 & 15.

U18 Midget Baseball - For players aged 16-18.

U7 Pixie - For players aged 6-7.

Introduction to Softball (aka Fastpitch)

U9 Junior Girls Fastpitch
 -  For girls aged 8-10.

Pitching machine will be used to simulate live pitching.

Girls will be introduced to pitching techniques used in fastpitch.

U11 Intermediate Girls Fastpitch - For girls aged 11-13.

Self Pitching

U14 Senior Girls Fastpitch - For girls ages 14-16

Self Pitching

U18 Senior Girls Slo-Pitch - For girls aged 15-18.

There may be an opportunity to play on a Select team following the end of the Interlock season. 

*All Girls programming is subject to registration numbers and participating teams from neighbouring centres.

*All Girls divisions are part of an Interlock league with teams from Leamington, Harrow, Amherstburg and Essex.  
** All Girls divisions use a standard sized softball.